Monday, 30 September 2013


I study Drama here at the University of Greenwich and this year is my third and final year, so the work is going to be bigger and better! Well, I hope it’s going to be better; I just need to put the hours in. My weakness is concentration. A university student’s best talent is procrastination; it’s one of my many talents anyway. There is always something better to do, like catch up on Corrie, sort my clothes draw out or sleep! I always find a way to crawl under the duvet and justify having a three hour nap. If I actually sat in the library and wrote my essay weeks in advance, giving me time to check over it, I would be alright (I think). My will power sucks!

Anyway, studying drama is something that I always wanted to. Even though I have had thoughts of being a paramedic and a midwife, I think I am going to stick with drama now. The thought of leaving uni and going into teaching is too exciting. I would love love love to be an actress on the television or on the stage, but the industry is so tough. If I didn’t want to start earning real money as soon as I could, I may have gone down that route. Anyway, who knows, one day I might totally change my mind and change direction, and audition for roles in plays or on TV, but until then, teaching is what I want to do. So in order to do a PGCE, I need to ideally get a 2:1 or a first. (Gosh I would love a first) This year I am going to give everything I have got into getting a good grade. I got a 2:1 in my second year, so it is definitely do-able. I want to teach secondary, and unfortunately, Greenwich don’t do a secondary PGCE in drama, so I can’t stay here L booooo! I haven’t even started third year yet and I am already looking at what uni’s I can go to. You have to jump on courses like this because they can go so fast. So fingers crossed I find one I like and get it.

For one of my courses this year we have to do a drama production. So we all have to audition for different roles in plays and then our lecturer decides what role we are and then at the end of the year, we do a week of productions. This course is going to be by far the best one of the year. I haven’t been in a play since college. We have done little plays at uni in first and second year, but nothing like this. We don’t find out what the plays are until we go back either. I can’t wait, but I’m nervous at the same time. What if there isn’t a play I like, or know? What if I don’t get the part I want? It’s so scary!
I am also doing a placement this year as one of my course options. I haven’t found one yet but I have been on the lookout. I need to do 100 hours over the year. Hopefully I will find one before the term starts or I might struggle in fitting the hundred hours in. Oh there is so much do, so little time.

There is another two compulsory courses too, which I am sure you will hear about in my future blogs. They are going to be the ones with essays and lots of reading (my worst nightmare) but, you can’t expect to come to uni and it be a doddle now can you!

Something you will hear A LOT about in my blogs is Cheerleading. I coach the University of Greenwich Cheerleading Squad and have the time of my life doing it. Every week, no matter how stressful it has been, you know you at least have three hours of down time, where you can do something you really enjoy. Although for me I am there to coach, I can still have a really fun time with all the girls. These girls are people who you meet at uni, and they become some of your best friends. We are like a family. Everyone is there for each other and you know when something is wrong, you can go to anyone. This year we are looking to be even bigger and better! Last year we won CLUB OF THE YEAR!

It was so exciting as we worked hard for it. Being a Mermaid is definitely one of my highlights of uni. It isn't all just being about walking around in my uniform with my fake blonde hair, haha!! We actually compete and work hard. Of course we have loads of fun on our socials but competing is what we are here for. We also cheer for the Mariners; the uni’s American football team. So we have all our chants at the ready and cheer them to victory (sometimes).

As well as uni and cheer I work a couple of jobs. My two main ones being, the student union and enquiry unit at university. Both of which are really good jobs. They are both flexible around your University hours and good pay. It means you get your weekends off and free entry into the SU. (Winner winner, chicken dinner!!!) Having a job whilst at university isn't for everyone, but I enjoy it (as well as needing the money). It is another chance to meet great people and another thing to add to your CV.

I actually cannot wait for September, Roll on fresher’s week, socials, cheerleading and THIRD YEAR OF UNI!

Who ever said all work, no play! They were wrong… I work and play!!

Until next time xx