Wednesday, 16 October 2013


So I have only been at university a couple of weeks, but boyyyyy what a whirlwind. The day I moved back in to halls I was promoting ‘Cheer’, un-packing and planning my night out all at once. It was more hectic to say the least. But nevertheless, my first day was so good (despite the stress of having to move from my house into a flat), we all went out to our Student Union, and I got to see people that I hadn’t seen all summer. The next morning we all went for our first big greasy fry up of the year. FYI, Big Boyz cafĂ© in New Eltham is just the best, and reasonably priced too.

So in the two weeks following that, it was fresher’s fortnight. The university really pulled it out of the bag this year. They had things happening every day and night. Even if some of it wasn’t to your taste, it felt like there was something else you could at the same time. I made sure that I made full use of this fresher’s week as it’s my last one. L  I got as many freebies from the fresher’s fairs as I could. Who is going to say no to free alcohol and Nandos vouchers...? NOT ME! I also went to Thorpe Park with Alex and Benji, (the boyfriend and the best friend). This again was with the university and cost £15 for out park ticket and travels… BARGAIN! I had never been to Thorpe Park before, and like to consider myself as quite the adrenaline junkie, so I absolutely loved going on all the rides. That was on a Wednesday, so it was only right to head back to campus, and get ready for Sparrows (the Student Union).

At the fresher’s fairs, the cheerleaders had to do a lot of promotion work to get the squad bigger for this coming year. Over the two fairs, we managed to get a total of about 150 names…150!!!! Not all of them will come and most people we will never see again, but at least that is another 150 people that know we exist. Two years ago, no student at the university even knew we had a cheer squad, so getting our selves more known is key. We also got to have a nosey at the other sports teams and societies and see what was on offer this year.

Then following fresher’s fair was the come down. L Back to university and all the hard work or third year was about to begin. Not only university, but the cheerleaders have competition on the 8th of December, so I need to crack on with the routine. I have auditions for plays, reading every week for two courses and not to mention all the work that will come with it. So when I started this blog and said my first few weeks have been a whirlwind… I now think this whole year is going to be one big TORNADO!

Until next time J