Thursday, 9 January 2014


So the 8th of December was the big day. The day I had worked SO hard for. I got my squad to comp!
Futures Cheer’s Winter Wonderland was luckily only 30 minutes away at Crystal Palace! Although it wasn’t far away that didn’t mean we could have a lie in! Oh no! We had to leave campus at half six in the morning in order to be there for doors opening at 7:15. Competition started at 8!

I didn’t sleep much the night before, my head was spinning with loads if questions, ‘have you got the music on a CD?’ ‘Have you got the music somewhere else in case the CD doesn’t work?’ ‘Are you sure having it on CD and on your phone is enough?’ So when it was finally time to get up, I was one humongous bag of nerves and had already been awake a good hour and a half.

All of the girls were on time and were on the coach ready to go, a lot of them very tired, I however, was wide awake, and feeling very sick! The pressure was really getting to me, had I remembered everything? Are we ready? Well it was too late now, we were on our way and all we could do was our best!

I love being at competition. The atmosphere is amazing, and one of the best things is, you’re surrounded by hundreds of people who all have the same love for something as you do. You would expect it to be quite catty, having hundreds of girls all wanting first place, but everyone is so lovely. People cheer you on and it really helps you when you are out on the floor.  I have danced for quite a few years now, and before every show you do get that sick feeling in your stomach. But I have never experienced the feeling I felt on this day. Not only was I competing, but it was my choreography. The pressure was awful. After you come off the floor you get to watch your routine back and I just felt so proud. The girls went out there and really did everything they could.

So we competed twice on the day, once in dance: Jazz and once in Level 2 cheerleading. They both went well, but we knew we had made a few mistakes.  I also know now what we can do to improve as a coach.

We came away with two trophies. All the girls worked really hard for both. We found out later that we were only 1.1 marks below the team above us. That makes us want it even more at the next competition.

The girls are raring to go, so I better get on with the new routines ready for Saturday Night Fever, in February!