Monday, 18 November 2013

BA Hons Drama

Most of my life I have been known as a little drama queen, so it only seemed right to study drama at University.  I think most of my teachers through school would have predicted that, that was the route I was going to take in life.

So here I am, studying a bachelor of the arts degree in drama at the University of Greenwich.  This is my third year so things are getting pretty full on and scary right now. The thought that in six months I will have finished my degree, makes me feel a little bit sick. I am excited, nervous, worried, panicked and absolutely buzzing, all at the same time. It’s a very weird feeling.
So this year we have to study four modules within our one course. Two of which are compulsory and two we chose ourselves from a huge list. We could have chosen from many different courses across the university such as, language course, English courses and of course, some drama courses. So I chose placement and drama production. For my placement I have to complete 100 hours at either one or more places. So I have chosen to do my placement at Lewisham Youth Theatre. So far I have managed to do nearly 40 hours which is quite good as I have six months to complete the rest.

The other course I chose was Drama production. In this course we have to put on a full production at the end of the year. So over the last few weeks we have picked the four plays were doing, auditioned for the plays we want to be in, been given the plays were in, auditioned for characters in the play and then been given our parts. I got the part I wanted :D wahhhhoooooo!! So now for that course we have to work right up until May, putting the production together and learning our lines. I am really excited about this course and I think it is the definitely the one that I am going to enjoy the most. The play I am in is called ‘Road’ by Jim Cartwright and I am playing the part of Carol.
One of the compulsory courses is called other stages. In first year we studied early stages and last year, modern stages. So other stages covers some of the topics that we never studied over the last two years. So, at the minute I am currently looking at Avant Garde. At first I wasn’t one hundred percent on this course however, as we approach the project for this term, I am really quite enjoying it. It is something totally different to anything that I have ever done before. I love learning new techniques that I might be able to use in the future. Next term I will be going on to study African theatre, which again I think sounds interesting, so let’s see what that brings.

Finally, the second compulsory course that I have to study is Contemporary British Theatre. This course consists of reading a play a week (eep), going to see some plays and then doing either a play analysis or a presentation on one of the plays. One of the good things about this course is that you actually get to read plays that you probably would never think of reading.  It just gives you an insight into many different plays with many different themes. Although we have a 3000 word essay at the end of the year, the rest of the course doesn’t seem too bad. So I am not going to think about that just yet, GULP!

I don’t know where it has gone, but these past ten weeks have gone mega fast, and Christmas is soon approaching, which means so is the end of term.  So I better go and get some of my work done.

Thanks for reading x

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