Friday, 15 November 2013



‘Hey what?’


‘No way’



Mermaids that’s who your see,

Were navy, white and gold,

U-G-M in bold.

We’ve got the bows in our hair,

Our cheers we love to share.’


‘Hell yeah we’ll shout it loud.’


‘Until the end, yeah, that’s right!’

So, if you haven’t already gathered from my other blogs, I talk A LOT about cheerleading. It isn’t because “it is my life”, it is just because, being a coach, I think about it all the time.
Even when I am sat on a train with my headphones in, you will catch me doing little arm movements, or bopping my head, choreographing new routines. Strange really, because when I come to choreograph properly my head goes blank. I should start writing it down as soon as I think of it. That way, my life would be sooo much easier!

So ‘The Mermaids’ now have 54 members, 20 of which are returning girls. That’s 34 new people!! 2 of which are male... woo! I love it when we have males because the stunts go so much higher.


Competitions are absolutely crazy. Imagining walking into one huge hall with music blasting, the aroma of hairspray and hundreds, possibly thousands of cheerleaders walking around, all wanting the number one position.  Although all the squads want that first place trophy, it really isn’t as bad as the movies make it out to be. When we have been in the past, we have met some really nice cheer squads. The one thing that I really love is that everyone is there for the same thing, their love for cheerleading. You find that it isn’t only your spectators that are cheering for you, other teams are too. You watch all the other teams compete and some of the stunts are just amazing and you cannot help but cheer for them. It is such a nice atmosphere to be in, and the adrenaline keeps you hyped all day.

The days are really long, even longer depending on where you are coming from. They tend to start the completion at 7:30 in the morning. This means you get to go on the practice mat at about 7am. Which therefore means you have to be at comp by at least half 6 to be prepared and find your seats. Which meant you had to be up and get ready in time to leave to get there for half 6. It is absolutely crazy, but you get enough time between your competitions to calm down and chill out with the squad.

Our next competition is on the 8th of December, Winter Wonderland at Crystal Palace. For this competition I am only going to take one level 2 squad and it just consists of my 20 returning girls. (We will also be taking a dance squad to compete in the jazz dance division). It wouldn’t have been fair to throw the new girls in at the deep end and get them to compete. They wouldn’t have been ready in time. I am however getting all of the new girls to come and spectate, so we have lots of people to cheer us on.

The pressure is well and truly on, but I am really excited. I love the adrenaline rush and I love the feeling after you have competed. Well, up until the point where they announce the winners, that bit is sickening. Everyone sits on the mat and waits nervously for their names to be called out, hearts pounding, and sweaty palms. Oh gosh I am getting nervous thinking about it.
I will have to let you know in December how it went.

Until then I think I will base my blogs on a bit about my course and I might even give you an insight on what it’s like to be a northerner living in London.

Choi for now J

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